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Click here to discover how to QUALIFY for our program to own your home through renting.


Choose your home

With our team you can CHOOSE a home that matches your needs and tastes.


Move in

Live in your home SOONER! While renting, we help you build more deposit and increase your credit score.


Become an owner

BUY your home with the deposit and credit we have helped you build, Congratulations!


The qualification to the program is free and there are 4 steps:

Telephone qualification: A quick conversation to establish your real estate needs, your financial situation and for us to explain our program, answer your questions and see what we can do for you.

Sending your Documents: In order to validate and further analyse your situation we ask that you send us (via email, fax or post) all necessary documents that will allow the assessment of your situation ( e.g. Equifax report, tax returns, pay slips, letter of employment, etc). We take your privacy and protection of Information very seriously and will never share information without your written permission, if this is necessary as part of the qualification process.

Mortgage Broker analysis: One of the mortgage brokers on our team will confirm the amount of mortgage you would qualify for, how much deposit a bank would require when you do purchase (amounts can differ depending on your employment, credit history, mortgage rules, etc) and in how much time it will take for you to be able to buy. This gives us the term or length of the Rent to Own process for you.

Results and meeting: We share, in person or via the telephone, the results of the mortgage broker’s analysis. At the same time, we’ll review the different steps involved and answer any questions you might have.

Choose your home

Great you have qualified for our program, now you can start looking for your new home!

Devenir Proprio benefits, in Quebec, from a vast network of Real Estate agents, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance agents, Home inspectors, Evaluators and Notaries that will work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

Once you find the home that meets your needs and taste, Devenir Proprio  will start negotiating to obtain the property. If the negotiated price allows for the realization of the project, we’ll send you a financial scenario and ask you your final agreement and written confirmation. From here, we have the property inspected and evaluated (we ask that you pay for those services as the Inspection is to ensure that the house you buy is in sound condition and the evaluation to ensure a proper re-purchase price).

After the inspection and evaluation confirms the house is sound and at a good price, we finalize the negotiation and Purchase Offer and then sign an option contract and lease with you for the property. It is at this point you control the sale and the price of the property from us to you. Your first option payment is due upon signing the option contract (MINIMUM  40 000$). This amount will be credited back to you as part of your deposit if and only if you exercise your option to purchase.

All that there is to do now is for us to go to the notary to purchase the house and for you to get your boxes ready to move in!

* Certain conditions apply

Move in

The big day has come, you move into the home you chose and that we will help you to own while renting.

While already enjoying living in your home, a Mortgage broker on our team, will work with you to help you repair credit issues you may have, to get you ready to buy at the end of the rental period.

You are welcome to add value to the property, like building a deck, finishing a basement or repainting, after all it is your future home and we want you treat it as such. Of course as we have already agreed the sale price, any improvements that lift the value of the property above this, are for you to keep and enjoy. Now let’s become an Owner!

Become an owner

The day has come for you to sign at the notary and become an owner!

Your credit is repaired , plus you have proof of at least a pre-paid 5% deposit (variable depending on the mortgage broker’s analysis). This is an integrated part of our rent to own program, to assist and help you accumulate the required down payment, an amount less to pay on your mortgage. A MINIMUM of 40 000$ comes from the Initial Option payment you made when you signed the Option contract and the remaining required amount is collected monthly through the rental period. When you come to buy your home, we will show through your deposits, that the required down payment has been pre-paid by you!

It is important to note that another amount representing 1,5% of your purchase price needs to be accumulated in your bank account at least 90 days prior to purchase to show your ability to save money and pay for the land transfer fees and the notary fees.

Congratulations you are a now a home owner!!

Why us ?

The team at Devenir Proprio provides real estate solutions for both home buyers and sellers. Established in 2012, we are considered a leader in Rent-to-Own properties within the Quebec province. Our team market knowledge, experience, and professionalism will give you a structure, the tools, and confidence to become an owner sooner than you might have thought. Our real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, trades people, home inspectors, evaluators, and notaries will work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

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